From coastal ecosystem services to socio-ecological perspective 1

April 8, 2021 5 01:19:12


General introduction by CAMILLE MAZE, BENOIT LEBRETON - La Rochelle Université 'From the notion of ecosystem service to the governance paradigm of socio-ecosystems as a path to sustainability. The case of coastal and marine socio-ecosystems in the face of global change' MAZE CAMILLE - La Rochelle Université 'Urban Ecosystem Assessment for coastal urban areas in the province of Cádiz' CHAVARRIA LAURA - Cadiz University 'Pinna nobilis: Critically endangered species. Importance of citizen support' HERNANDIS SEBASTIÁN et al. - Universidad Católica de Valencia 'Potential flaws of ecosystem services monetary valuation: Case study of intertidal bare mudflats.' LEBRETON BENOIT - La Rochelle Université

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