Coastal cities and infrastructures 2

April 8, 2021 5 01:38:51


'Application of the QGIS plugin WaterNetAnalyzer for water management in and around coastal cities' SCHILLING JANNIK - Universität Rostock 'Wind tunnel modelling of a residential ensemble in a high rise building urban area' GEORGESCU ANDREI-MUGUR - Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest 'InnoAerogel: production, research and application' PAULAUSKIENE TATJANA, KATARZYTE MARIJA, UEBE JOCHEN - Klaipeda University 'Why students do not cycle more? A case study University of Zadar, Croatia' PEJDO ANA, MARKULINCIC FRANKO- Zadar University 'Promotion of Sustainable Urban Mobility in Klaipeda: Challenges in Development of Bike-sharing, Bike-storage and Bike-counting Systems' SPIRIAJEVAS EDUARDAS - Klaipeda University

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