Coastal cities and infrastructures 1

April 8, 2021 2 01:49:37


General introduction : CHRISTIAN INARD, SYLVAIN DEJEAN, YACINE GHAMRI DOUDANE - La Rochelle Université 14h15 - 14h30 'CircularSeas ' Turning ocean plastic waste into green products for maritime industries' COUSTATY MICKAEL - La Rochelle Université 'Smart small and medium-sized ports challenges and prospects' VYTAUTAS PAULAUSKAS - Klaipeda University 'The potential of crack-healing of concrete structures in coastal environments' CHITEZ ADRIANA - Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest 'Supporting synergistic regional planning with a coherent GIS-based approach' TRENCKNER JENS, SCHILLING JANNIK - Universität Rostock 'Application of AI in Precision Agriculture and Precision Lifestock Farming.' DAVY STEVEN - Waterford Institute of Technology

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